How To Show A Guy You Like Him

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Reading a guy’s body language and sending your own signals are essential to communicate your feelings whilst flirting with men.  First of all you’ll need to make eye contact and hold his gaze for a second before looking away.  This will show that you like him or at least that you are interested in him.

Eye Contact

When he returns your eye contact to show he’s interested and you have acknowledged each other, you will need to let him know that he is on the right track.  By raising one or both of your eyebrows as if you are expressing surprise you will be sending a flash of confirmation to him.  This must only be a subtle signal for a fraction of a second.  Don’t look too surprised or he may think he’s done something wrong!

Another more subtle way of sending him a confirmation signal would be to tilt your head forward and looking towards him, flash your eyes.  Just like when you were a little girl and you were trying to get your own way.  Most importantly, you must smile.

Good To Go

A less subtle way of sending him an ‘ok’ confirmation signal would simply be to wink at him.  The sexier the wink the better, and then turn your head away.
If you’ve read the guy’s body language well and all is ‘good to go’, this will probably have him running to your side.

Not So Fast

An important thing to remember is not to appear too eager to take things further.  Once you’ve got him interested you’ll want to play your ace.  This is a simple technique that women have used on men for thousands of years.  It’s quite simple but very effective.  You must show a sudden disinterest in him.  Look away and make as though you are leaving.  If he’s genuinely got the hots for you he will go into a panic and agree to almost anything to stay near you.  In her course, flirting expert Mimi Tanner explains how a woman can use her eyes and body language to have a hypnotic effect on a man.

The most important things to remember when you want to let a man know you like him are to smile, be very friendly and be casual and relaxed.
When you get to know him a little you can show him you like him by moving closer and maybe brushing or touching his arm as you laugh at his comments.

Flirting Weapons

Using your own body language to attract a man is essential.  Are you using yours to their full potential?  You can find out more by reading A Woman’s Secret Flirting Weapons.
Remember flirting is supposed to be fun so don’t take it too seriously.

Thanks for reading-  Ginny C
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