How To Flirt With Your Eyes

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Eye Contact Flirting

A look can say a thousand words and eye contact flirting is your best first point of contact with a guy.  Whether he’s nearby or across a room, you can send him a simple non verbal message in a flash.  With practice and by learning good timing you can have great fun by flirting using just your eyes.  Just one look can change an innocent situation into something more serious and exciting.
Learning how to flirt with your eyes to attract a man’s attention is one of the easiest flirting techniques for women to master.  You can’t help but look at a man when you fancy him but you need to be able to show him that you are interested and attract him to you.  Direct eye contact is the key to success and this is one of your secret flirting weapons.  You won’t succeed every time but as you practice more you’ll become more confident.  Your female body language signals are your very own flirting weapons and you should use them to their full potential to attract a man you like.
So far we’ve been thinking along the lines of attracting a man you don’t know but flirting with your eyes can also be used along with your other female charms as part of a game plan to keep the man you already have.

The Secret Flirt

Flirting by using just your eyes and facial expressions can be a very exciting way of making first contact with a guy.  It’s also a good way of testing him out before actually putting yourself on the line and speaking.  A sexy flirting look across a room can be an effortless way of showing him that you’re interested in him.  Eye contact conversations between two people who haven’t yet met can be extremely exciting and non verbal flirting can also appear so innocent because no one else knows that it’s happening!

Lingering Eye Contact

You can use lingering eye contact to say- “Hey, I’m here”.  When you’ve caught his eye, keep eye contact for at a full second and then look away for a minute or so.  Then, if he’s interested he’ll probably be trying to catch your eye and it’s ‘game on’.
A good situation to use the prolonged eye contact attraction technique is when you are in a group with a guy and you can make eye contact during conversation.  You should hold your gaze for a full two seconds after he has finished speaking.  This will let him know something is going on, or could be!

Mouth Gazing

This is another close flirting technique that you can use whilst he is talking.
He will feel your interest in him and you can really add emphasis by looking up at his eyes and adding a smile.

The Look Away and Return

When you have already made eye contact you can look away for a few seconds before looking back.  This can act as a confirmation of the lingering look and prompt him to approach you.

Flirting Weapons

Using your own body language to attract a man is essential.  Are you using yours to their full potential?  You can find out more by reading A Woman’s Secret Flirting Weapons.
Thanks for reading-  Ginny C
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